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How ittendance works?


Press the punch-in button in the app.

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Take a picture of yourself.

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A foolproof solution

We are all well aware of friends signing the attendance sheet for each other, or exaggerating numbers. With ittendance, there is a photo record of each person who signed-in against each name. They all have a date and time stamp watermark on them as well. Sorry folks. Those days are over.

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For corporate accounts, please contact us


Small businesses can use ittendance for up to 10 users at the low price of $20/month.

For bigger plans and corporate accounts, please contact us.

Over 20 times cheaper than any other attendance tracking solution out there (not counting pen and paper).

  • Generating reports was so easy. Now I can find out who is showing up late for work with just a few clicks.

    Arsalan Akhtar, President - Cygnis Media

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